Loopy Day: Frost
New CD-release
4 new grandiose, dark and icy guitar compositions.
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New digital release
For the 40th years anniversary the Copenhagen new wave/industrial duo Grotesque's cassette-release "Havet" from 1983 finally released digitally and can be found on most streaming-services. (Grotesque later changed name to Cat's Cradle)
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New digital release
The Copenhagen postpunk/electronic duo Cat's Cradle's ambient cassette-release "In The Greenhouse" from 1988 finally released digitally and can be found on most streaming-services.
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New Digital release
Cat's Cradle: Red - recorded in 1990. Previously unreleased cassette released digitally!
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(SpaceController Records - SPACD 12 - 2014)

Rays of light passes through a crystal. On their way they are bended and turns into rainbow colors. The red rays are deflected most, while the purple goes almost straight out. When the light-rays hit a wall in the crystal, some continue out through the wall, while the rest is reflected back and continue their path through the crystal and is further deflected and broken up into more rainbow-colors, until they again hits a wall. For the spectator standing outside the light-rays that penetrate the crystal-wall make it appear shining, and the rays that stay inside the crystal make it to cast a shadow.

A similar kind of reflection and refraction occurs when jbrandtp sends his quiet insistent guitar-playing through a setup of digital effects. The effects work here as the crystal. The sound is modulated and bended. Some sounds are thrown back and further altered. The sounds can get crystal clear, and they can accumulate in cascades of almost symphonic character.

Illumination consists of 2 medium and 2 long improvised and spontaneous tracks. The compositions are forceful and lingering while constantly changing and heading to new places. Illumination is Loopy Day's hitherto most abstract work and is the fruit of jbrandtp's 5 years of working with guitar, loopermachine and effects.

ILLUMINATION is available on iTunes

Or by contacting SpaceController