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 (SpaceController Records - SPACD 09 - 2011)

Loopy Day is jbrandtp's solo guitar project.

Loopy Day was started in 2008 and has since then evolved from being a 80'ies inspired way of playing the guitar and rhythm box - marked with kassettebånds release "Rewind (two friday)" in 2009 - to the more contemporary dreamy drone-based form presented on this CD.
The CD does have references back,among others to jbrandtp and Peter Sørensen's duo "Cats Cradle" from the 80s, with the releases "Havet (the Sea)" in '83 and "Beskrivelse af en Biotop (Description of a Biotope)" in '84 and later The Kom De Bagfra Orchestra's release "Hørg" from '93. These releases are in spite of large differences associated in a natural-based instrumental music.

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1. ALDER (11:41)
0:00 Hibernation
4:55 Foliation
7:25 Lure
9:42 Leaf Drop

2. HILL (21:40)
0:00 Bird Wave
1:30 Stone Pillars
3:48 Badger
7:54 Spiral

3. HEAT-MIST (17:58)
0:00 Circle
8:00 Forgotten Path
12:10 Forest Giants

4. GLADE (04:49)
5. DUSK 09:30)