Loopy Day: Frost
New CD-release
4 new grandiose, dark and icy guitar compositions.
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New digital release
For the 40th years anniversary the Copenhagen new wave/industrial duo Grotesque's cassette-release "Havet" from 1983 finally released digitally and can be found on most streaming-services. (Grotesque later changed name to Cat's Cradle)
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New digital release
The Copenhagen postpunk/electronic duo Cat's Cradle's ambient cassette-release "In The Greenhouse" from 1988 finally released digitally and can be found on most streaming-services.
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New Digital release
Cat's Cradle: Red - recorded in 1990. Previously unreleased cassette released digitally!
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A Sound & Light installation
by jbrandtp

The Musical Floor is an interactive sound, light and movement installation, aimed primarily at children. It is created for the exhibition "Art Machine" in Nikolaj Church, Copenhagen, spring 93, where it was a great success for all curious children and adults.

The Musical Floor is structured as a cube of 4X4X4 meters. The floor of the cube is placed on strong springs, which is connected to sensors. The inner walls of the cube are lined by lightpanels that can be switched on and off, thus forming patterns. The movements of the audience are recorded bya computer that translates them into music and lightpatterns.

indvendigt view af Det Musikalske Gulv

When you enter the installation, you step into an electronic world. Music and light follows your moves. Perhaps you are a steam engine puttering around. Later, perhaps a knight lost in a swamp full of frogs. There are 15 different small musical stories, ranging from birdsong, the classical string quartet to techno music.

The Musical Floor was created by the composer jbrandtp.
The Musical Floor was built by Geert Christoffesen and Jeppe Sorensen, and decorated by Anne Beatrice Brandt-Pedersen (Beatrice Brandt).

The Musical Floor was supported by the National Musikråd.
The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) helped with technical know-how by Dr. Claes Dyrbye, Henning Rasmussen and Anders Brink.