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(SpaceController Records - SPACD 01 - 1996)

In contradiction to the previous CD by THE KOM DE BAGFRA ORCHESTRA - Hørg - the music on this double cd is made by humans. Jan Munkvad, jbrandtp., and Peter Sørensen used analog synthesizers to improvise 2 hours of music in 4 parts.
The inspiration came from the Map Butterfly (Araschnia levana). The two generations of Map Butterfly are so unique, that researchers have long believed them to be two different species.

The sound of the analogue synthesizers gives the cd a floating, and strongly visual atmosphere.

Levana can be played on normal audio-cd-players.
In addition, if you have a PC or Macintosh computer, you can explore 12 virtual worlds, while you listen to the music. The image above is actually a shot from one of these worlds.

The worlds are created specialy to the music, and you can move freely around, the way you find works best with the music.

The cd-rom explores the linkage between music and picture, and the virtual reality technology makes it possible to alter reality in order to achieve a certain atmosphere.